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Hello, I’m Bek. And this is my husband, Jared. We live in Portland, OR. And we love it.

Like a lot.

Like a lot of Portlanders, I didn’t grow up here. But when we arrived to this place of rain, trees, mountains, coffee shops, pubs, and filled with a community full of wonderful, genuine people, I knew I was home.

 I have no desire to present a tweaked, perfected version of our life. Rather, I am far more interested in exploring the real, and sometimes imperfect parts. I contemplate. I ponder. And I write it all down in my journal. Sometimes those entries make their way on this blog. To find out the story of WHY I write, please check out my “The Story of Trees” tab.

Things that I love:
my manly, bearded, tattooed hubs
honest conversation
my community
a hot cup o’ tea
a good book
foggy forests
road trips
cantaloupe jelly bellies

Things I do not love:

Therefore, such comments are not welcomed and shall be deleted. There’s enough nasty stuff in the world already, right? Let’s be nice to each other. : )

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